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Chip Shortage: How Dealers Can Cope with It

The recent years have been challenging for the automobile industry. Not only does it have to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also needs to manage chip shortages. Forecasts

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Crucial Things to Check during Truck Maintenance

Basic truck driver rights include working in a safe environment, which entails the right to drive a well-maintained vehicle. Employers are legally responsible for keeping their fleet vehicles in good


What Can Happen to Your Car After Off-roading

Vehicle damage is inevitable when you drive through rough terrain, especially if you are using a stock car. Although there is little you can do to avoid off-roading damage, it

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12 Best Color Trends for Cars in 2020

Give your car a new look this year with these wild colors that will be the envy of car aficionados everywhere. Head off to the automotive paint booths near you

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